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Maximising productivity is not only about cutting-edge technology. It’s also about guided, expert use of that technology with support from senior engineers and ground field experts.


Our reputation is built on measurable improvements that our customers can see. That’s the goal of every custom solution we design, and our people play the single most important role.

Standards of safety on the ground can never be compromised. We work to exceed international safety standards in the application of blast solutions, allowing our partners to make production gains that are operationally sound and replicable over the long term. We’re also a member of the United Nations Compact Charter. Our customers know we are committed to effective results and ethical business practices.

The consulting experts at Davey Bickford are highly experienced in multiple industries, including mining, construction, defence and security. In keeping with our legacy of innovation, we continually push ourselves to deliver the next level of service on behalf of our customers and partners.

Global Technical Solutions

The GTS team has significant combined expertise in both underground (including tunneling) and surface drill/blast operations, covering the production of:

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Base metals

  • Industrial materials (cement, aggregates)

  • Coal, and;

  • Talc.

By carefully optimising the blast designs at any given site, our GTS team empowers customers to exercise a carefully engineered influence over various outcome aspects of every blast event. This creates immediate and long-term economic value to mining and tunneling sites throughout the world, with tangible gains in both safety and environmental ethos. The goals and productivity of our partners are at the core of GTS.

This includes local small contractors, medium sized mining companies and global mining corporations.


When customers have access to a team of senior experts across five continents, new ways of creating value are possible. The Global Technical Solutions (GTS) team was launched in 2012, and has since provided advanced logistical support to clients globally.


GTS is a large team of of 20 Davey Bickford engineers operating in Australasia, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. They range from recent graduates of advanced programs to experts with nearly 30 years in the field of blast research and engineering, Most holdincluding PhD qualifications, and all have experience with major international explosives companies and various aspects of the blast optimisation field. 

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DaveyTronic® Systems

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SP: Open pit / surface operations

UG: Underground operations




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